Cloud sync enables you to save your local Invisible: Controller settings to the cloud so that you can:

  1. Quickly reload the settings if you ever delete the Invisible: Controller app (or get a new tablet)
  2. Keep multiple tablets running Invisible: Controller in-sync

You do not have to use cloud sync to use Invisible: Controller. It is an added convenience for users that want extra insurance against losing configuration settings or that have larger installations and want to run multiple tablets in one home.

When cloud sync is enabled, all changes to local Invisible: Controller settings will be real-time sync'd to the cloud and other devices logged-in to the same account running Invisible: Controller. Sync'd settings include:

  • Location
  • Dashboard settings
  • Invisible: Controller settings
  • Favorite devices

You can disable cloud sync at anytime from the Invisible: Controller settings and continue using the app without the cloud.

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