One of the primary purposes of Invisible: Controller is to be an "always on" command center for your smart home. Mounted in a wall or on a counter, an iPad running Invisible: Controller should be connected to power and configured to keep your home's information and actions one tap away.

To make this work on an iPad, you may need to configure the iPad to never "Auto-Lock."

When configured this way, an iPad's screen will not automatically lock and turn black ("sleep"). This is ideal for scenarios when you want an iPad to be an always-on smart home controller screen.

By default, Invisible: Controller will attempt to automatically disable auto-lock and keep the screen awake when the app is open. This behavior can be disabled in the app Settings tab.

If you want the iPad running Invisible: Controller to never sleep, even when the Invisible: Controller app is not running, follow the steps below.

Steps to manually disable "Auto-Lock"

  1. On the iPad that will run Invisible: Controller, open the "Settings" app
  2. In "Settings," navigate to the "Display & Brightness" tab (in left navigation options)
  3. In the "Display & Brightness" settings, change the "Auto-Lock" setting to "Never"

The iPad screen will now remain on until it is manually locked (or until the iPad runs out of power).

REMEMBER: If using an iPad in an "always on" installation, be sure it is connected to a power source capable of charging the iPad while the display is on. If not connected to a power supply, or if the power supply is not strong enough, the iPad will eventually drain its battery and power down until it can recharge.

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