There are numerous solutions available for mounting iPads in (or on) walls. Choosing the right mounting option depends on your style preferences, budget and home construction (wall material).

Recommended wall-mount solution

The preferred mounting options for iPads running Invisible: Controller are made by iPort:

These mounts are pricier, but provide an elegant, integrated look for an iPad smart home command center. A true "permanent home upgrade."

Both systems include the mounting hardware and electronics necessary to run power to the in-wall iPad, and support the full range of available iPads (Mini, Air/Air2/2017, Pro).

Recommended counter base station solution

If a wall-mount solution is not your preference, the next best option is "counter base station" solution that gives your iPad a predictable "home base" (versus being randomly left on tables and counters in your house). Here again, the preferred solution comes from iPort:

LaunchPort systems are comprised of two parts:

  1. An inductive charging sleeve the iPad (so it always charges when it's docked)
  2. A magnetic docking/charging stand

With the LaunchPort BaseStation on a counter and connected to power, an iPad can be easily used from the docked or undocked position. The solution is non-permanent, so it is less of a "permanent home upgrade" compared to wall-mount options.

NOTE: LaunchPort also makes a WallStation magnetic wall-mount that can be used with iPads wearing the LaunchPort sleeve. Useful for scenarios where you may want to have multiple docking points in your home for the same iPad running Invisible: Controller.

For additional pros and cons between wall-mount and counter base station solutions, see this help article.

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