While the decision to wall-mount an iPad or use a counter base station is largely driven by personal preferences and budget, there are pros and cons to each approach:

Wall-Mount: PROS

  • iPad is always available and charged
  • Not possible to misplace or forget to dock the iPad
  • Makes iPad feel more like a built-in light-switch
  • Permanent home upgrade (sellable feature)

Wall-Mount: CONS

  • More difficult to install
  • iPad can only be used from mounted position
  • Permanent home upgrade (cannot take it with you)

Counter Base Station: PROS

  • No installation required
  • iPad can be used docked or undocked
  • Non-permanent (take it with you)

Counter Base Station: CONS

  • Easier to misplace or forget to re-dock iPad
  • Feels more like a gadget than a home upgrade
  • Takes-up counter or table space

In either case, Invisible: Home recommends the wall-mount and counter base station solutions from iPort. See this article for additional details about mounting an iPad for use with Invisible: Controller.

A permanent or semi-permanent installation point for an iPad running Invisible: Controller is ideal for creating the true smart home command center experience.

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