Invisible: Controller is a companion app for popular smart home hubs. It connects to existing hubs and provides an easy-to-use, high-end smart home experience for DIY, retro-fit smart home installations.

To use Invisible: Controller today, you must have:

  • A supported smart home hub (Vera running UI7+, other hubs coming soon)
  • An iPad running iOS 8+ (iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Pro all work)
  • A wireless network (with both the hub and iPad connected)

That's it! Obviously, the more smart home devices you have, the more powerful Invisible: Controller becomes. To unlock the full power of Invisible: Controller, try adding the following to your smart home hub:

  • Smart switches
  • Smart dimmers
  • "Scenes" (that control settings of multiple smart home devices)
  • Thermostats (like Ecobee* or Nest*)
  • Open/close door and window sensors
  • Door locks
  • Garage door openers
  • Sonos music system
  • IP security cameras

Once these devices are configured on your hub, Invisible: Controller can begin offering powerfully simple controls for running more of your smart home.

*Requires plugin on your smart home hub to communicate with device API

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