Before Invisible: Controller can work with your smart home controller (or "hub"), it must connect to it on your local wireless network. By default, Invisible: Controller will attempt to scan your network and locate any available and recognized smart home hubs. If this scan succeeds, you do not have to do any additional work to locate your hub's IP address. It will be done automatically!

If the scan fails to find your device, though, you will need to manually provide the correct IP address for your smart home hub.

IP addresses are sets of numbers that look like: or

Your network may have different numbers, but this is the number you're looking for to setup Invisible: Controller.

Finding Vera Hub IP Address

To locate the IP address for your Vera hub:

  1. From a device connected to your local network, navigate to
  2. Click on the "Control" button in the top menu on that site
  3. On the login page, enter your Vera credentials
  4. If your credentials are correct, you should see a list of your configured Vera hubs
  5. Click on the green "Connect" button for the hub you want to use (if you have more than one)
  6. Vera will now redirect you to your hub on your local network
  7. Your hub's IP address should now be in the browser address bar (192.168.x.x)
  8. Enter this number in the IP address setup step in Invisible: Controller

If you did not see your hub on Vera's website, make sure it's powered-on and connected to your local network. If you are having difficulty connecting to your hub, see this help document on Vera's website for additional help getting connected to your hub.

NOTE: Invisible: Controller assumes your Vera hub is available on port 3480 (the Vera default). If your hub is on a different port, you may include this during setup by adding the port with a ":" after the IP address. Example:

If your hub is using the default port, you do not need to include it during setup.

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