In addition to providing an easy-to-use system for interacting with your smart home, Invisible: Controller can also help you keep tabs on your home by displaying images from connected IP security cameras. When you're home, Invisible: Controller makes it easy to quickly glance at your security cameras to see who's at the door or see if someone is in the backyard or keep tabs on important areas on your property.

Camera previews can be viewed directly from the Invisible: Controller dashboard or via the dedicated "Cameras" tab.

From the dashboard preview, tapping on a camera thumbnail will present a larger version of the camera feed that can be further pinched, zoomed and panned to see additional detail. Double-tapping a zoomed or panned image will reset its size and position.

On the Cameras tab, tapping on a camera image will open a full-screen version of the camera feed, which can also be zoomed and panned.

NOTE: Camera feeds in Invisible: Controller today provide "simulated" video stream by rapidly refreshing the camera feed image. Full support for live, streaming camera feed video will be available in an future Invisible: Controller update.

Adding Cameras

To add a Camera to Invisible: Controller, start by adding it to your smart home hub. Invisible: Controller works with smart home hub APIs to access and display camera details. As a result, any cameras that are compatible with your hub should also work with Invisible: Controller.

For help adding a camera to a Vera smart home hub, see this Vera support article.

What about Nest Cam/Dropcam/Ring?

Unfortunately, some of the popular "plug and play" wireless cameras available today have create closed ecosystems, which means they do not integrate with smart home hubs or apps like Invisible: Controller. These cameras only work with the vendor supplied apps, and usually they rely on the vendor cloud for camera access.

For maximum control and flexibility, and to add your cameras to a smart home hub, look for wired or wireless IP cameras that do not require the cloud to work.

For a list of cameras known to work with Vera, see this list.

NOTE: There are MANY other IP cameras that will work with smart home hubs, though they may require some extra configuration. In fact, most IP cameras that do not depend on proprietary cloud APIs will work fine.

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